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Look out Toasty Cheese! There's a new truck in town: Cheesie's Pub & Grub (located at Belmont & Sheffield) unleashed The Cheesie's Truck on the streets of Chicago just a few weeks ago. And you guessed it: this monstrous yellow truck rocks freshly grilled sandwiches loaded with oozy goodness.

Now it's no secret I'm a diehard Toasty fan – hell, I even have a menu item named after me – but I can't always get my fix in the city as they mostly roll the streets of suburbia. So the thought of grilled cheese within reach on a typical workday had me eagerly following this truck's whereabouts.

Granted, the truck is new, but they can do a better job at communicating their truck menu and schedule. Especially since most info you'll find points back to the pub's web site or Facebook page, neither of which have much going in the way of deets on the truck.

Being the keenly observant fellow I am, I spied a photo of the truck menu on their launch day. One of the sandwiches was named, quite simply, The Mac. A grilled cheese sandwich loaded with mac and cheese? That has my name written all over it.

I also have to give the truck props because they did answer my inquiry tweet regarding this week's schedule. Especially important since they needed to change things up due to a private event.

So four of us set out on this blistering hot day in search of cheesy goodness. Today there were four sandwiches to choose from. And suh-weet: The Mac was one of them! A closer look at the menu let me know this bad boy consisted of house made mac and cheese nestled between Merkts cheddar on Texas toast.

Again, being the keenly observant fellow I am, I noticed a different sandwich touting bacon as an ingredient. It was only natural that I asked if I could add bacon to The Mac. Yes, I could. Naturally, I did.

In a word? Brilliant. This sandwich easily could have gone wrong. The mac was perfectly seasoned and oozed out of the sandwich at a manageable rate. The cheddar provided a contrasting note to the creamy mac. And the Texas toast did a fine job holding it all together. It was a monster, and the price included a drink and bag of chips.

Oh, that bacon? Took it over the top. But you saw that coming.

And whaddya know? Another Bizarro mission in my future.


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The Mac: mac and cheese grilled cheese. What?
Hey there little fella!
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

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