Chubby Wieners

Chubby Wieners has been on my radar since before the concept of "Food Truck 50" became a reality. But it was another situation of wrong place, wrong time last summer. A few times were so close I could smell 'em.

Knowing they hit Solemn Oath with some regularity, I had my sights set on that venue for a score. But that's quite a hike from me, so imagine my delight when Fischman's Liquors announced these guys in tonight's line up.

I had a nice chat at the truck about the history of some of the now-famous truck stops and their philosophy on rolling the streets. And now that I scored the truck, I definitely need to head to their restaurant for a Bizarro mission.

It was no question that I needed to get the Chubby Dog, traditional Chicago style. I mean, come on! All beef dog in natural casing with the famous Chicago toppings? How could you not?

And it was everything I would have hoped for in a dog. This coming from a person who doesn't even care for hot dogs. In a word: delicious.

Oh, and how funny is it that Chubby Wieners was here with Beavers Donuts? I mean, come on!

Looking forward to that Bizarro mission guys!

The Food: 
Chubby Dog, Chicago style, duh!
I just loves me some rad truck arts!
Truck #: 
Thursday, April 4, 2013

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