Finally. Finally. Finally!

I can't tell you how frustrating it has been trying to find this truck on the road. Especially since it was parked right next to Tamale Spaceship so many moons ago.

I had lunch plans and wasn't even keeping an eye on the truck chatter. But it was 11:20, stomach grumbling, and I thought, "Ah, what the hell. Let's see who's in the 'hood." So when I saw e.leaven was finally within reach posting up at 600 West, well, game over. Sorry Jessi and Eva, but change of plans. No way I was gonna miss this.

Based on the minimal twitter back-and-forth from the e.leaven account, it was no surprise to me that the boys on the truck had no knowledge of my madness. No worries. I've tempered my approach, though I did give them flak for paying so much attention to that university that shall not be named.

Regardless, it was with great pleasure that I ordered my Philly cheese steak sandwich and chips.

I'll tell you this: it was worth the wait. Though the reality is that I no longer have to wait. I've been keeping away from their restaurant which is in shouting distance from the Mart. But I had to hit the truck first before I could call a Bizarro mission.

I'll be seeing you soon.

The Food: 
Philly cheese steak and chips. Delicious!
Truck #: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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