Fire It Up

Waaaaay back, I had been harassing this truck on twitter trying to find out if it ever gets to the city. Not so much. Bolingbrook. Oy. That's a hike.

Though there was this one time, in band camp... Sorry, wrong story. I do recall a time or two over the summer when this truck was in Chicago for an event, but I missed out. And so I had relegated this truck to the ultra rare category and figured I'd have to schedule the hour-plus drive to check it out.

Well, thanks to Toasty Cheese, I would see this truck at the Chicago Cooking Expo at Arlington Park. Writer Danielle and I had changed our plans to do some trucking and this baby was now in my sights. Winning!

It was kinda funny too. We started at Toasty Cheese and basically worked our way down the line, scoring three trucks, all new for me. Fire it Up was second and we capped off the day with Sweet Ginger's for dessert.

We had a nice chat at the window and even scored free parmesan herb chips (huzzah!). WD went with a chicken taco and I got the steak: grilled chimichurri marinated steak with lettuce, salsa verde and sour cream. And, of course, we did "Fire it Up!" While I did get a touch of heat, it didn't earn a spot in my Spicy mission. That said, it was quite tasty!

If you're lucky enough to be in the Bolingbrook area, stop by this monstrous red truck. You can thank me later.

The Food: 
Steak taco, fired up!
Free parmesan herb chips!
Truck #: 
Sunday, October 28, 2012

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