FYI Truck

Last, but not least, we hit up FYI Truck to close out our four-truck feast at Kane County Fair.

Oddly enough, this truck was posted up all the way on the other side of the grounds, far away from the other three trucks. Odd.

But we had been through plenty at this point so there was no stopping us. We found the truck. Eventually.

I had a couple missed opportunities in the past trying to land this truck so it seems worthy that it ended up as the halfway point to closing out The Next 50.

And, I'll admit: I was a bit touched when they said they were honored to see me. I don't hide the fact that I'm just some guy who likes to chase food and then blather on about it. I have the easy job.

The last time I encountered a frozen cultured food item, it was a bit tangy for my tastes. So I won't lie: I was a bit nervous. I just don't eat yogurt like I used to years ago, so that twang hits me the wrong way.

I figured I'd play it safe. I went with peach mango froyo, topped with diced mangos, little peach gelatin balls (I forget the name) and graham cracker crumble.

Ho-lee delicious! If we weren't on a tight schedule by this point, I'd have gone back for seconds.

And let me back up for a sec. This truck concept is rather unique. It's entirely self serve. There were several froyo flavors to choose from (I want to say six) and then gobs of toppings. After you've concocted your masterpiece, you then pay by the ounce once all is said and done.

What can I say? It was a perfect ending to a meal on a hot day at the fair.

Looking forward to more. I'll definitely be filling my cup the next time!

The Food: 
Peach mango froyo with all the fixins!
Truck #: 
Saturday, July 20, 2013

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