Gelato D'Oro

After eating from Giordano's and grabbing a few more beers inside Fischman Liquors, I headed back outside for dessert.

Oddly enough, I could have scored this truck at the recent Jefferson Park Arts Fest. I had even gone so far as to snap pics of the truck. But it was chilly and my group of cohorts was itchin' to leave, so I took a pass. I also wasn't feeling "on" at the moment and my first time at a truck is a big deal. I didn't want to blow it.

Man, I am kicking myself right now.

I met the husband and wife team behind this tasty endeavor and had to deny their offer of a free treat. Rules are rules, after all. They wanted to thank me for the twitter burst they got when I tweeted about adding them to my hit list. I truly love hearing stuff like that. That's entirely what this nonsense is all about.

I asked for a recommendation and went with the suggested burnt caramel gelato in a waffle cone. And won't you know it: I just love burnt caramel. I'm also fond of the waffle cone. Slam dunk.

Like I said, I am just kicking myself. That gelato was so damn good, I was speechless for quite some time. Actually, about as long as it took me to eat it. And yes, I shared.

Now I just need to get back before the gelato season ends and try one of their smoothies!

The Food: 
Burnt caramel gelato in a waffle cone!
Truck #: 
Thursday, September 5, 2013

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