Gia Via Sweets

Lucky for me, my new iPhone was on the fritz. Lucky for me, because I was headed out to the Apple store in Woodfield Mall.

Why is that lucky you ask? Because I know Gia Via tends to hang in Schaumburg. That's why. And this day they were posted at Golf and Meacham.

So I set out in the hopes of finding them before my Genius Bar appointment. Now, compared to walking to an intersection downtown to spy a truck, this one was a bit more challenging. Six lanes of traffic, parking lots, restaurants, malls...flying solo I very easily could have driven right past. With only 10 minutes to spare before missing my appointment, I spotted the pink truck from the road, parked in a strip mall lot. A couple questionable maneuvers and I was parked nearby.

To the truck!

After a short intro about my site and my missions, it was time to grab the goods. My choices were cupcakes or French macarons. Bitchin! Never had proper French macarons before...score one for the 50 First Tastes mission and the Sweet mission. Oh, and what's that? A pistachio macaron? Oh, Nuts!

Since forever, I've wanted to make macarons. But I never had the chance to taste them to know what I was shooting for. These were crazy delicious. Crisp outer shell. Soft and chewy inside. And the filling was so light and fluffy. Great texture combo. And the flavors! Hard to say which was my favorite. Vanilla, Coffee and Lavender were tops in my book.

Well done!

The Food: 
Proper French Macarons. No pretenders here.
Truck #: 
Saturday, September 29, 2012

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