Giordano's Pizza

I'll admit, I was skeptical.

Since its launch, I had a couple opportunities to hit the Giordano's truck and passed. If you know me, passing on a food truck is nigh unthinkable. My reasoning: Giordano's is a Chicago establishment with loads of restaurants. What are they doing entering the food truck space? It's the little guys that are trying to make a name for themselves out there.

Not only that, but my shenanigans are driven largely by discovery. I love to try new foods from new places. I know Giordano's. Hell, I love Giordano's. I don't need to chase down the truck when I can stop by any day for lunch or dinner way out in my neck of the woods.

So I avoided it.

Last week at another Fischman Liquors Tap This! event, Giordano's was on board serving up pies. I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth — I am on a mission after all.

I have to say, I'm impressed.

First off, the guys on board followed their twitter feed enough to have heard about my craziness. I'm no egomaniac — well, maybe — but I do enjoy talking to the truckers and interacting with them on twitter. That's a big part of this. And there are some trucks out there whose drivers don't follow their feeds, which is a big miss in my book.

Secondly, that pizza came out fast. I'm talking ridiculously fast. Once that pie got topped with my pepperoni and fired through the oven, it was steaming hot with a super crispy crust in all of about five minutes.

Third, it's Giordano's pizza. I mean, what's not to love?

I still have mixed feelings about established restaurants competing with the little guys in the increasingly competitive food truck space, but I guess that's just a natural progression as this market matures.

The Food: 
Deep dish pepperoni pizza in about 5 minutes!
Truck #: 
Thursday, September 5, 2013

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