Glutton Force 5

Holy. Freaking. Hell.

I've been heartily lusting after Glutton Force Five ever since I heard about them. Competition eaters opening a food truck? Come on!

But they were so elusive. Haven't tweeted since August. No updates on their site. If ever there was a food truck in the ultra rare category, this was it. Hell, even talking to the other food trucks tonight, this truck was as much a mystery to them as it was to me.

So imagine my delight the other week when Fischman Liquors tossed out a tweet asking what food trucks would be awesome to have at their biweekly Tap This food truck and craft beer event.

Seizing the opportunity, I quickly chimed in with some of the top trucks on my hit list.

So imagine my surprise not two weeks later when they announced Glutton Force Five coming to Jefferson Park for the first time ever.

Holy. Freaking. Hell!!

Tonight was the big night. I won't deny that I was worried there would be a no show. Hell, this truck hasn't been active on social media and there was talk of a food truck swap. I knew that a different planned truck was off the road today, but still I wondered if this truck would show.

So for nearly 45 minutes after I arrived (albeit, 30 minutes before the official 6pm start) I was on pins and needles wondering if the truck would show.

And then it happened. They showed. In all their mysterious food truck glory. Yes!

Sure I razzed them about their nonexistent twitter showing. But it didn't matter. These guys took it in stride. I had a blast chatting up their crazy dreams and goals in life.

Oh, and there was a slight hiccup: the bread for the sandwiches was missing and on its way. So here, have this walking taco instead, The Big Jim. Uh, sure, ok.

Let's just take a pause, shall we.

To say that this walking taco is mind blowing would be a slight. It was beyond delicious. Words can't even describe the spoonfuls of heaven that came from that pouch. Foodgasm comes close, but even that feels cheap. Chorizo gravy? Sign me up! I'd walk anywhere with that taco.

By the time I finished, the bread had arrived and I was the first lucky soul to belly up to the truck and receive the glory that is their Alberto sandwich: ridiculously complex braised beef hoagie with Sriracha mayo and shoestring potatoes. OMFG.

All food truck love aside, this is now the best food I have tasted from a Chicago truck. The shame is that with Chicago food truck laws as tricky to traverse as they are, this truck remains elusive. It is a blight upon the city that this food isn't readily available to the masses.

Time to step up your game Chicago.

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The Big Jim: Walking Taco
Rad logo action
The Alberto, a sandwich direct from heaven
GF5 truck side
GF5 truck back
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Folllow That Truck!