Husky Hog BBQ

As a hobbyist smoker, I've grown fond of smoked meats. Hell, I've always loved them, but since making my own, I have more interest in "research."

So I've been awaiting Husky Hog's launch for quite some time now. Especially since we've been chatting via twitter for what feels like months.

Imagine my delight when I got a tweet last week announcing they'd gotten their license. So when I checked their site over the weekend and saw they'd be within walking range today, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

All total, seven of us headed over to 540 W. Madison to stuff our faces with smoked meats. This is an interesting spot, as it's inside a private parking lot. Sorry CPD: no touchie.

I'll admit, our group was sad to see no hush puppies or fries on the menu, but this is the truck's first week out and it's not uncommon to see a lighter menu while the folks on board get their sea legs.

We made our way through the sizable line quickly and when it was my turn, I was greeted with genuine excitement that continues to blow me away. Who ever thought eating food could be so rewarding?

The special today was 2 sliders, 3 sides and 1 drink for $10. So I went with that, choosing brisket for both sliders, plus mac and cheese, potato salad and cole slaw with water. Joey tossed in a free order of burnt ends in thanks for the support. Feel the love!

Being the hot freak that I am (be nice), I sauced both sliders only lightly with the hot barbecue sauce and met up with my coworkers at the nearby tables to dig in.

First thing I'll point out is that burnt ends I'm used to often end up tasting like smoky cinder blocks. These were meaty, juicy and loaded with flavor. Great first impression.

Then I turned to the sides. The mac and cheese: not your typical mac. This had chopped red peppers which took me way back to my childhood. More points. Potato salad: again, a slight twist, this having brown mustard in play to give it a unique spin. I'm digging the trend. Slaw: nice touch of heat going on. Three for three.

On to the main event, the brisket: full of flavor and paired really well with the sauce and pickled onions. I do think the meat to bun ratio was a tad light, but other lunchers had the pulled chicken and pulled pork and the meat to bun ratios on those were well stacked.

Bring on those hush puppies!

The Food: 
Brisket slider feast!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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