Wahoo! Been trying to score this truck ever since it hit the streets. And lately the few times it had been within reach at lunch time, I couldn't go.

So when I learned this truck would be within reach on a night I was going to be partying in Chicago, it was time to seal the deal. All it took was a miniscule arm twist to change existing plans.

As an added bonus, we had some time to kill before Jerk's midnight arrival which gave us a chance to wander the happening spot that is North & Milwaukee. Holy hell! Best part was all the people digging on our late night Glazed and Infused. Even the cops stopped and asked where we got them. Classic.

I had been drooling over all the jerk chicken pics on my twitter feed the past week so it was no question what I'd be ordering. And the jerk fries too. Damn that was delicious. I've had real jerk in Jamaica, and I've also had so-called jerk in town, but this. This is the real deal. Great spice, but not too much. Amazing depth of flavor. And super tender and juicy. Sorry my pic sucks, but it was dark out and it was a lot of food to balance.

To go with it, I scored a free ginger beer. Stuff tasted as good as home made, which is seriously hard to find. Kudos.

While waiting for my food at the truck, I had a chance to chat The Jerk Boss himself. Nice guy who is far too humble.

This truck is a fantastic addition to the Chicago food truck scene, and the third officially licensed on-board cooking truck. You need to experience this.

Definitely can't wait to try those wings next!

The Food: 
Jerk chicken and jerk fries!
Finally! A good bottled ginger beer.
Truck #: 
Saturday, April 27, 2013

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