Lillie's Q Meat Mobile

I have been anxiously waiting to try Lillie's Q Meat Mobile. What kills me is that this could have happened way back as part of my first 50.

Apparently, they were doing a private gig right in front of Merch Mart. Directly within sight of our office window even. Worse: a coworker, who shall remain nameless, went downstairs, got some 'que and brought it up to the office, all "oh, didn't you know it was down there?" I'm all, "WTF Eric, why didn't you spread the news? Douche!" And he's all, "whatever."

Seriously folks.

And then they got a stand at the French Market at Ogilvie a couple months back. Fantastic! Not fantastic. For me to log a Bizarro mission, I have to visit the truck first. And I have to protect my Bizarro missions. Just not enough to go around at the moment. Though more and more trucks are throwing down.

Worse still, their restaurant burned down a couple weeks ago. I joke that this is all about me, but I really do wish only the best for all these trucks and it was very saddening to hear that news.

So it was with great surprise and pleasure that they made the roster for last night's Tap This at Fischman's Liquors in Jeff Park.

They were serving up pulled pork sandwiches with slaw and I went with the hot smoky sauce, which was one of about six choices. That pork...melt in your mouth tender and super juicy. The sauce was perfect for me: a little spice and a lot of smoke. Tasty slaw too!

And now I am free to hit them up whenever I choose at the French Market. Wahoo!

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Pulled pork sandwich with slaw
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

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