Pleasant House Bakery

Finally! This truck hit has been long in the making.

Pleasant House Bakery tweeted me way back when I was stuck in the 40s. The offer: gather up my crew, call in an order and the truck would come to me.

Nope. Sorry man, but that breaks Rule 1 and Rule 2 of the truck quests.

So imagine my delight when I see a tweet from @ChiFoodTruckz that Pleasant House Bakery would be serving up dinner at Presidential Towers along with Meatloaf-A-Go-Go.

And I was thinking of leaving work early. Nope. Can't miss this opportunity!

The truck was running a bit late, which gave me an opportunity to jaw a bit with Cole from Meatloaf. And just on an off chance, I asked him if he was carrying any Del Fuego...that coveted chorizo and pork meatloaf I'd been longing for. Score! Put one on the boards for the Oink, No Cheese and Multishot missions.

Back to the task at hand: meat pies. I've been lusting after these meat pies for a couple months now. And look at that, the truck has arrived! We had a nice little chat about goings on in the truck biz, why he hasn't been doing food in the wild of late, and what's in store. Spoiler alert: more time on the roads once those food truck stops get greenlighted by the city. Yes!

Choices: steak and ale meat pie, something or something. What choices? Steak and ale meat pie! Log one for Moo, Stuffed, 50 Proof and another No Cheese. #winning! Now for the agonizing hour forty-five until home so I can finally dig in. The aromas wafting from my backpack at this point are intoxicating.

Verdict: holy hell, that's a damn good meat pie! I was a bit concerned how it would hold up during the train ride home, but it was still warm, the crust amazingly crisp and the filling sooooo rich and delicious. Thankfully I had one more Old Stock Ale in the fridge which was a perfect match for this pie.

More, please!

Oh, and you can definitely count on me visiting your restaurant to log another for the Bizarro World mission. This is way too much fun!

The Food: 
Steak and ale meat pie!
Just look at all that meaty goodness!
That was one fine royal pie.
Truck #: 
Friday, October 5, 2012

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