Glad to see Pop-a-Harrys finally make it to The Fisch! Three months ago, I saw his tweet asking where to find a good place in Chicago to dole out his tasty foodstuffs. Naturally (and virtually), I introduced him to Fischmans. And last night, I had my fill of the popcorns.

Unbeknownst to me, he's been out and about (recently, mind you) in my neck of the woods. So, of course, I chided him for not using the twitters. He promised to be better at that, but also mentioned he keeps that info up to date on his site.

Fair enough.

His bus is a rolling kitchen loaded up, as the name suggests, with tasty popcorn. Prime bar snack food, if you ask me. And, he has a sweet deal: order three bags, get one free. Great for sharing.

So I did just that.

I will warn you: while waiting for the truck to open, friends and I perused the menu and had it all planned out. But we didn't read the (very large) fine print that indicated those were flavors you can buy online (and buy online, I wholly intend to).

So I had to make a snap decision and go with the following: coffee mocha (tastes like cocoa puffs!), cheddar, jalapeño (with a nice mild heat hitting the back of the throat) and kettle corn.

This man knows his popcorn! And my friends back at the bar were happy to see me pile up the snackage.

If you're looking to score this truck, here's the thing: he's not going to roll the streets and try to deal with the crazy Chicago rules. So he sticks to events.

Makes the chase all the more fun.

The Food: 
Coffee mocha, cheddar, jalapeño and kettle corn.
Buy three, get one free? Yes, please!
Truck #: 
Thursday, October 17, 2013

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