Raging Kitchen

I've been trying to land Raging Kitchen since last summer. Problem is, the truck and I just don't normally cross paths, with me working downtown and the truck rolling the northern suburbs.

Enter the Kane County Fair. And I'll add that I almost didn't go. But, trooper that I am, I knew both Raging Kitchen and FYI Truck would be there and it was only an $8 admission charge.


So I twisted my favorite minion's arm and we set out for some grub.

Once in the fairgrounds, it became a mission of "find the truck." So we set about wandering the place. Hey...that looks like a food truck up ahead. Wait a sec. Is it? Can't be. I haven't seen it before. Must research.

And search we did. Hold it. What's that? Another food truck? Is this the Twilight Zone or something? Need to look that one up too.

Ah. There it is! That big orange beauty of a truck. At long last!

After months of pining over the pics on their website, I was dying for the lobster roll. So we split, considering our two truck lunch looked to be growing by the minute.

Soft, buttery torpedo roll holding a sweet and tangy lobster salad. Never had one before so this is a first for me! And it was huge, so I was glad we split.

Hopefully I will cross paths with this truck again, seeing as I've also been dying for that braised short rib torpedo. And the tacos. And why didn't we get the raging fries? What were we thinking?

Now to figure out these other trucks...

The Food: 
Mmmm. Lobster roll.
Dig in. Rear back. And rage.
Truck #: 
Saturday, July 20, 2013

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