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Had myself a bit of a panic on the way to our next truck.

I set my phone down on the steps next to me as we split the meatball sub from Cucina di Strada. When I picked it up, it was blazing hot and entirely DOA, crying some nonsense about overheating.

Hold the phone (no pun intended). How can I look up info on the next truck? How can I take pics? How can I tweet? How can I Instagram?

We passed up the truck in search of some shade while I continued to freak out. After about 15 minutes of panicing, and blowing, and fanning, and stripping my phone of its case, and holding it up to a bottle of water, the damn thing finally came back to life.

Shoooo! That was a close one.

Ok, back to business. Time was running out. We had to finish lunch in a hurry so we could meet up with the rest of our crew for a trip to Three Floyds Pub. We don't mess around.

Truck three in our Kane County Fair food-a-thon turned out to be an even bigger surprise. Again, no clue this truck existed. Rolls the streets of Schaumburg on weekdays.

Hmmm. Interesting. "Ever run into Toasty Cheese or Gia Via?" I ask.

"Oh sure," says Ozzie, the owner. "We share the commissary with Toasty Cheese."

What the what?! Both Danielle and I hit up Toasty Cheese regularly, and even keep in touch with some of the crew, both on and offline. So how did we never hear of this truck? Someone's got some serious 'splaining to do.

Back to business. This truck is all about gourmet food on a stick. So we got an avocado chicken wrap. Confused? By this point, I wasn't phased by anything. Just roll with it (no pun intended). All I know is that wrap was delicious.

And, Ozzie threw in a free slab of watermelon, just for chatting it up. Nice touch. Score another one for the free mission.

Heads up folks: I have the truck's menu. There's a Francheezy. You're welcome.

The Food: 
Avocado chicken wrap!
Free watermelon!
Truck #: 
Saturday, July 20, 2013

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