Sweet Ginger's

I just about jumped up and down when I noticed the van parked behind the giant truck that is Fire it Up. Hello, Sweet Ginger's! Quite the surprise since you weren't on the list of trucks slated to be at the Chicago Cooking Expo. Bonus!

And oddly enough, Sweet Ginger's was the third out of three trucks that never made my hit list. Why is that? Simmer down, and I'll tell you.

Sweet Ginger's doesn't come to the city. Period. When we chatted today, she said there's enough business out in the burbs that there's just no need. (Hint, hint: we need more food trucks out in the burbs.) So I had a general idea of her area of operation and put this truck on my unpublished list of ultra rares.

Writer Danielle and I basically worked our way down the line of trucks. First grilled cheese sandwiches from Toasty Cheese, then tacos from Fire it Up. But it was time for dessert. And so, on this very chilly fall day, what better way to end a double lunch, then with some frozen gelato. YUM!

While I politely listened to all the available flavors, my choice was already made: pistachio. Hands down my favorite gelato flavor. And this was fantastic. WD went with the raspberry sorbet.

And it was so damn cold that we had to eat it in the car.

The Food: 
Pistachio gelato. My favorite!
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

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