The Big Shish

Finally! I gotta say, this has been one hard truck to land.

The Big Shish has been out for some time now, but it hasn't found its way into the truck finder sites and, inevitably, I've learned their lunchtime whereabouts a little too late. Take this past Monday. Granted, I already had a working lunch meeting planned, but it wasn't until basically lunch time that I saw the tweet announcing the truck at NBC tower. Grrr.

So I decided it was time to reach out on twitter, hoping for more info. Score! The reply came shortly after, and with the rest of the week's schedule. Tuesday WTTW; Wednesday Chicago and Larabee (as in 600 West in winning!); Thursday TBD; and Friday UIC. Thankfully, the recent heat wave was short lived, and today turned out to be a perfectly mild late summer day to walk the mile to the truck.

I was able to gather a sizable crew, including an all-new Playa, and six of us beat feet to the truck. Unfortunately, only two of us had cash and the truck was not taking cards, so they had to head elsewhere. Not sure if that's temporary or not, but I always come prepared. Even trucks that take plastic can find themselves without a signal.

The menu is robust and I had some tough decisions to make. My coworker was wondering about the sign telling us to try a wrap and that sounded like the way to go. I'll admit: Slide Ride was also here and I haven't been to that truck in forever, so I wanted to save some room. I'm a sucker for lamb, so I went for the Lulu: lamb and beef patties, topped off with a bunch of roasted vegetables. To that I added two sauces: hot and eggplant.

Two words: nom nom!

That wrap was so stuffed, there was no way I was even going to try picking it up so I had to knife and fork it. Total party in my mouth. Which is a good thing, because I suggested they try to revive the once-popular Lake & Clinton, which these days only sees Tamale Spaceship once per week.

That is a much shorter walk, and there's so much more on that menu I can't wait to try!

The Food: 
The Lulu, in wrap form. Crazy good!
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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