The Calle Wagon

Sometimes, my reputation precedes me. Such was the case with Calle Wagon. Also, I have a big mouth.

A few of my friends had been slinging the smack talk that they'd visited this truck before me and blah, blah, blah. This has been going on for a couple months.

I was prepared to finally rectify the situation at this past weekend's Food Truck Extravaganza hosted by Toasty Cheese.

Or not.

Shortly after chatting up the fact on Twitter, I learned they decided to drop out since that weekend was also the final Rolling Meadows farmers market. Curses!

Enter the crowdsourced complaints!

Seems there was enough outpouring of sadness on the social channels that Calle Wagon decided they'd hit up the Extravaganza mid-afternoon, after the farmers market.


My problem: by this point in the day, I'd already eaten half a pizza from Chicago Pizza Boss, a full Chef's Special from Toasty Cheese (you know, the new one with extra duck bacon and topped with an egg, of course), a pair of tamales from Tamale Spaceship, and a tasty pasty from Bridgeport Pasty.

I was fit to split! And a pair of tall Heinekens wasn't helping any.

But I take this job very seriously and rose to the task. After a "Finally!" with my hello, I dug into one of the tacos I'd been hearing so much about: beef to be exact. I also greatly appreciated hearing a recap of the folks who beat me to the truck, complete with locations!

And I can see why my pals were harassing me to get to this truck. Tasty food indeed. My only regret: being too full to get what I really had my eye on: one of those burritos.

Next time!

The Food: 
Beef taco!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

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