The Gladwell Company

What a crazy day.

Yesterday was our company's summer outing. It was a scavenger hunt themed "Hunt Down in Chi Town" and instead of finding items based on a list of clues, this was an all-out dash and grab to photo, video or acquire as many items as possible from the list.

Since I was part of the planning committee, naturally I had to put something food truck related on the list: photo of someone getting served from a food truck, 2 points. An extra 3 points for a 15 second video. I knew NBC tower was near a bunch of other items on the list, so we headed there.

Spotting Gladwell's trike at the head of the day's lineup was an added bonus: another food related item we needed was a pic of a stranger eating ice cream. So after a quick video of people getting food from Husky Hog, we headed over for some ice cream.

Nate was a stranger, so we had him buy some of his own ice cream for the shot. We were already an hour into the race and I was hot and needed some refeuling, so I went with the Gladbar: vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate. A perfect treat for a perfect day. And holy hell, that coating was thick!

I did have a question as to whether Nate's trike counts as a food truck. Nate said it does, and while it's not a food truck per se, it is mobile street food. That's good enough for me, and I make the rules here.

Sadly, while our team did acquire the most points on the list, we were edged out by another team for Best Team Spirit. That's ok, though. I had a blast, and managed to get one step closer to 100.

The Food: 
The Gladbar!
Nate eating a Dreambar for our scavenger hunt. Thanks Nate!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

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