Toasty Cheese

So this monstrous yellow truck was first mentioned to me by Steve from Curried Away at a recent Fischman's Liquors Tap This event. It's so new I didn't even have a chance to add it to my hit list. So imagine my surprise when I got a message on twitter the other day from Toasty Cheese asking me to head out to Arlington Park for the Chicago Cooking Expo.

Ok, googles, what's this all about? Cooking Expo. Food trucks. Entry fee. Pass.

Enter the twitters:

  • Toasty Cheese: "You're a food truck god! Your website is brilliant! You have to come out to our truck this weekend or we will be so...freakin'...sad."
  • Me: "Nope. Not having it. Already got plans for pizza, beer and bowling with Writer Danielle. Plus, there's that stinking entry fee. Thanks, but no thanks."
  • Toasty Cheese: "Oh, but there's no entry fee for the trucks. Full menu. You know you want to."
  • Toasty Cheese: "Hey, did I mention this is our inaugural week?"
  • Me: "Hold the phone!"
  • Me: "Hey Writer Danielle, screw pizza...we got trucks to hit!" [insert virtual arm twist]
  • Writer Danielle: "Ouch, my arm!"
  • Me: "Yo, Toasty. We're in!"
  • Toasty: "Suh-weet!"

Or words to that effect.

I kid. I'm a kidder. But I do love when this site earns its keep. And I did really dig the extremely warm welcome from Greg and crew when I introduced myself. It's always appreciated since I'm just some guy who eats food and yet sometimes I feel like a superstar.

As for the food: amaze balls! (who says that?) WD snagged the Ragin' Regan: Pepperjack cheese with caramelized onions and jalapenos on sourdough. Me, the Great Dane: American and cheddar with b-b-b-bacon on white bread. Can I get a "hell yes!" Greg did his homework too. He knew the rules (color me impressed) so charged for the food, but tossed in the gonzo waters for free. In total, nine missions touched with this meal: The Next 50, Partay, Multishot, 50 Shades of Bacon, Noob, 50 Under $5, Sammie, Meatless (we shared) and Freebie. Well played sir!

I do hope this truck makes some city runs. The rest of the menu looks damn tasty. Though I think I need some insight on how these sammies got their names.

The Food: 
The Great Dane. Hello bacon.
The Ragin' Regan
Free water (almost forgot to snap it!)
That is one monster truck!
Truck #: 
Sunday, October 28, 2012

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