Windy City Patty Wagon

Oh, burgers. Oh, baby.

There's something to be said about the aroma of meat patties searing away while you wait in line. Smells like pure unadulterated badassery.

Up until now, we've had The Wagyu Wagon and Hummingbird Kitchen. Great trucks, the both of them. Only Wagyu doesn't have a scheduled lunch service, opting for mostly events, and Hummingbird is an Evanston truck.

Enter Windy City Patty Wagon, one of the city's newest food trucks to cook on board.

I've been anxiously waiting for the truck to land within my zone of foodtruckery and today was that magical day. NBC Tower is quickly becoming a stable truck stop. In my opinion, it's the only new Chicago truck stand that is finally working on a consistent basis. Lucky for me too: the truck launched on June 13, so I just barely managed to score it in time to count towards my Noob mission.

I managed to gather up a sizable crew of fellow coworkers and we set off on a gorgeous day. Lucky for us the line was only a half dozen deep when we arrived because it grew considerably as we waited for our grub.

Despite eight different menu items — seven of them burgers — I had an incredibly easy decision: The Stuffed Burger. Because, hello? It's a 10 oz patty stuffed with chihuahua cheese, topped with green chili aioli and roasted poblanos on a pretzel bun. All burgers come with fries, only the fryer was having issues so they were subbing out chips (though I did manage to score a few fries with my burger).

Take my advice: ask for extra napkins, especially with this bad boy. See, there's a trick to a stuffed burger. That first bite is going to result in a gush of melted cheese and meat juice. Whether that lands in your tray or on your shirt is entirely up to you. I actually forgot to get any napkins and by the time I was done, I was covered in meaty goodness. This burger was a monster. It was kicking ass and taking names.

Seven burgers. One down, six to go.

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The Stuffed Burger. Oh, baby!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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