The Roost Truck

Ah, this is going to be another Big Day! Five days in a row eating from food trucks. Achievement unlocked! And The Roost is another one of those high priority trucks. Why, you ask? Southern fried chicken! That's why. Dayum!

Oh, this is going to be epic. But wait, there's more! Recall that little business about Level Up? I'm all hooked in and ready to save some cash and pay with my phone. I'm Instagram-in', Foursquare-in', Facebook-in' and now Level Up-in' my dealies. Welcome to the future people.

Hold the phone! There's another truck parked behind The Roost! Happy two-fer to me, it's the More Cupcake Truck. Can this mission get any better?

Ok, time to be smart with the food order since I'm double-truckin'. Gotta go light. I'll have the two-piece mixed spicy chicken and a biscuit, hold the cobbler.

Now certain food just doesn't hold well. Fried food is one of those things, so I had some reservations before diving in. But Roost does a good job here. Sure it suffers a bit, but overall, still nice and crispy and a very acceptable amount of grease. Well played. The breast meat was nice and juicy. And I'm definitely a dark meat guy so there was no contest there. Yum! And that biscuit...killer.

We hit this truck a second time in July. I simply had to because a brand-spankin' new menu item caught my eye on Twitter: the buffalo chicken spinach wrap. And it was to debut at our beloved Lake and Clinton, no less! I felt it was my sworn duty as a food truck freak to hit that.

Three of us set out on that historic day. Tom was up first. He was also ordering for Courtney. Two of the wraps please. My turn. A wrap for me too, please! Nope! (cue the needle dragging across the album sound effect) That was the last one. Sorry Eva, no wrap for you either.

That's the way of the truck, friends. You just never know. No loss here. Another two-piece with biscuit. All dark this time. Spicy of course. And peach cobbler? Why, yes. Yes I will. Touché.

The Food: 
Spicy Southern fried chicken and biscuit, 5/18/12
2nd visit to The Roost, this time with cobbler and slaw, 7/11/12
Truck #: 
Friday, May 18, 2012

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