Mission Control

Ok, so now that the main event has been completed, I'll be turning this site inside out and logging all my various truck encounters under varying separate missions. Some are easy. Some are nigh impossible.

I'm a bit delinquent in logging all my food truck shenanigans, but once I get caught up, you'll be able to easily track my progress (because you know you want to) and check out the mission details for each individual challenge.

My goal: 50 missions. Makes sense, don't it? Let the games begin!

Rank Mission Hits
1 50 Chicago Food Trucks

One man. One mission. Eat from 50 Chicago food trucks before the end of summer 2012. In case you missed it, this one's complete.

2 Playa!

By bringing new people with me to the trucks, I am furthering my mission for world food truck domination. Several of these folks have accompanied my on more than one mission (or many...go Eva!) but for the purposes of this mission, I'm only logging the first time out. Names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent until I can convince everyone to send me a snap and a bio. Oh, and agree to my nicknames (or provide their own)!

3 The Next 50

Now that I've completed my mission of hitting 50 Chicago food trucks, it's time to hit the next 50. Though for this, I am expanding the radius to include the suburbs of Chicago within about a 50-mile radius. And no, that radius wasn't planned, but it sure does fit nicely with the site, now doesn't it?

4 Partay

Eat from trucks at 50 different events, public or private.

5 Moo

Where's the beef?! It's on the truck!

6 The Next Next 50

No rest for the weary! This is Chicago food trucking, level 3! Do I get a badge for that?

7 50 Shades of Bacon

A love affair with bacon, as told by food trucks.

8 Oink

Hey pig! Get in mah belleh!

9 Wrapped

These tasty treats live between the realm of stuffed foods and sandwiches. How many can I wrap my mouth around? And yes, tacos fit this category. My game, my rules.

10 Cluck

Bird, bird. Bird is the word. Um. Well. Chicken, really. I'm already counting duck in my alt.meats mission.

11 Multishot

Hit more than one truck at the same location.

12 Sammie

I'm excluding wraps and burgers from this mission. But that doesn't limit me to only sliced bread or traditional rolls.

13 alt.meat

Hold the beef. Cut the chicken. Scrap the pork. Let's break out the other meats! And bonus points if you understand the reference. Yeah, showing my age here.

14 Noobs

First month out? Hit me up! I just love that new truck smell.

15 10 in 5 Country Challenge

Thanks to Bonnie (@mdw2mnl) for suggesting this one: 10 trucks in 5 different countries. Financially, not likely. Logistically, easier than the Patriot mission. We shall see. Hey Bonnie, does U.S. count? Based on the Patriot and Metro missions, I'm thinking yes.

16 10 in 5 State Challenge

This mission was originally 5 trucks in 10 states, but I realized it's actually harder to get 10 trucks in a single state, so I changed it. Ah, quit'cher bitchin'. I won't count Illinois.

17 5 in 10 City Challenge

5 trucks in 10 different cities, not counting Chicago and the greater metropolitan area. So Southern Illinois trucks would still count.

18 Metro

Get food from a truck in 50 different cities, no limits.

19 50 First Tastes

Try 50 new (to me) food items.

20 Night Owl

I recycled the I Spy mission to put this more interesting challenge on the board, inspired by Bonnie (@mdw2mnl): eat from 50 food trucks after sunset. With input from several players, I'm calling this anything after 9pm. But I may change this to after midnight or some other crazy idea (you know me!) so keep an eye on this space.

21 Balls

Make no mistake, these trucks have some balls! Cake balls, meat balls, stuffed balls. Balls to the walls!

22 Stuffed

Hide some tasty morsels inside an edible container and you have stuffed goodies. If I have to break the seal to get the goods, it fits this mission. Can I eat 50?

23 Sweet

How many different kinds of sweets can I put in my pie hole? And a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake. So yeah, no matter how many I eat, they only count once!

24 Huevos

I had my first food truck meal involving an egg...can I find 49 more? Gonna be tough.

25 Patriot

Eat from a food truck in every State of the Union. I just love a good challenge!

26 Kimchi

Oh, you tasty fermented cabbage, get your ass over here! I've had a few different meals with it already. Thus, a mission is born!

27 Meatless

Eat 50 meatless savory items. And nope, sides do not count. What the hell do you think this is?

28 No Cheese

This mission exists solely to prove to my cheese-fearing coworker that there are plenty options out there sans fromage.

29 Patty

If it's shaped like a puck, it qualifies!

30 Rise and Shine

Who says food trucks just do lunch? Breakfast items are on the menu here. No, cold pizza doesn't count.

31 Saucy

There's plenty of BBQ on these trucks, but will I taste 50?

32 Drink

Some trucks offer tasty beverages. If it's in a bottle or a can, no dice. Gimme the goods!

33 Rando

Promotional food trucks. Food truck takeovers. Visiting food trucks. Basically food truck shenanigans that don't fit neatly into any category, but still deserve to be immortalized.

34 50 Proof

Eat 50 food items containing booze.

35 Cupcake Madness

Ok, so my obsession with a little green machine makes this one a gimme. But I'm only counting unique flavors.

36 Smoky

Smoke 'em if you got 'em! There is likely to be crossover with the BBQ mission. So sue me.

37 Stalker

Visit one truck at least 50 different times. I don't plan on extending this to 50 different trucks, but you just never know.

38 Freebie

Ok, here's where I get to count all the generous offers from the trucks showing support for my mission. I'm not worthy!

39 Frugal

Some people tell me food trucking is expensive. While I have dropped a fair amount of scratch on my missions, there are some great deals out there. How many savory items can be had for $5 or under?

40 Globetrotter

America is a melting pot and Chicago has a pretty damn good spread of cultures. How many can I taste?

41 Heat

Ok, I've got a mission bent on sugar, so I need a mission focused on spice. Oh, but there's a catch! I have to think it's spicy, and boy can I take the heat. While I've purchased many alleged spicy dishes, a few do qualify. Of course, you'll have to take my word on it.

42 Nuts!

So far I've had almonds, walnuts, pecans and peanuts in all shapes and sizes from trucks. Oh, hey...pistachios too! That's just nutty!

43 Bizarro World

Eat from the brick and mortar location of 50 food trucks. One rule: doesn't count unless I've eaten from the truck first. Yeah. I just did that.

44 Bowl

Soups, stews, chili. If I need something to keep it from oozing all over the table or through my hands, it qualifies!

45 Coconut

Like bananas, there's a noticeable abundance of coconut on board. But 50? Let's find out, shall we?

46 Full Monty

Fear not, I won't be strolling up to the trucks all nekkid. But can I savor the whole menu from 50 different trucks? Not all in one sitting, of course. Let's be reasonable.

47 Noodles

Ya know, I haven't seen any pasta dishes yet. That just can't be.

48 Seasonal

Holidays are coming up. Do trucks have seasonal offerings on board? Can I score 50 of them?

49 Go Bananas!

One banana, two banana, three banana, four...

50 Social

This one was inspired in part from a twitter exchange and the whole Eat St. Social Media Week Food Truck Cross City Challenge (won by yours truly). Meet up at a food truck with someone from twitter. Since this would be my first time meeting said person, they don't count towards the Playa! mission (so many damn rules...jeez!). One down, by way of meeting @uchiNOMgo when I closed out my initial mission.