Main Quest Rules

Yes, there are rules to all of this. I can't have things all willy nilly or there'd be rampant chaos and I just won't have it.

Rule #1: I have to go to the truck

It can't come to me. Sure I can suggest where trucks should land and when. Hell, I can even beg and plead. I have, in fact. But ultimately this has to be a publicly available stop. Ideally one that's been promoted and submitted to the map sites.

If I wanted delivery, I'd order from Jimmy John's and get it freaky fast. This is food in the wild after all.

Rule #2: I can't pre-order

Asking a truck to save something for me is completely legit, but ultimately I'm subject to whatever is available at the time, just like everyone else.

If I wanted guarantees, I'd hit up a brick and mortar.

Rule #3: I have to pay

I really do appreciate all the offers of free meals I've gotten as a result of this site. But that's not why I built this thing, or why I do what I do. I'm here to support the trucks, not leach from them. So I have to trade currency for grub or I can't count it. Well, except for the 50 Freebies mission.

Extras, sides, whatever...different story. And I never said I had to pay full price. #justsayin

The (Really Big) Fine Print

All-inclusive events where you pay an admission fee and get a sampling of food from all trucks present doesn't count. Why, you ask? Two reasons. 1) It's not akin to walking up to the truck and ordering off the menu. B) It's like cheating since you pay one price and hit 'em all.

An event where you choose what to order off the menu of any truck that suits your fancy is entirely different. But it's not food in the wild, you say? Phooey, says I. I'll be permanently in awe if you can hit 10 trucks at a single event and consume full menu items from each. That would definitely earn you a huzzah.