Hit List

Folks, I need your help. This is my hit list: trucks that I've been following or that are new and haven't yet hit the streets.

Truck owners, if you are on this list, let me know whether you can hit, or get close to, any of the locations listed here. Count me in!

If there's just no chance in hell, shoot me a tweet letting me know so I won't relentlessly hound you. Nope, not havin' any.

  • Lake & Clinton
  • Hubbard & Wells
  • Merchandise Mart
  • NBC Tower
  • Madison & Wacker
  • 600 West Chicago
  • Average citizens and food truck fans, feel free to click on the Twitter handle of any of these trucks and give them a little bit of peer pressure. You don't even need to be clever in your tweet...I've taken care of that for you. Yeah, I'm nice like that.

    0 Ana's Eats and Treats
    0 Auntie Vee's Cupcakes
    0 Barbuto's
    0 Bee and Tea
    0 Best Truckin' BBQ
    0 Big Daddy
    0 Big Star Chicago
    0 Chicago Dawg's
    0 Chicago's Finest
    0 Fasano Pie Company
    0 Firecakes Truck
    0 Flavor 180
    0 Hoof and Feather
    0 Jack's Fork in the Road
    0 JavaMania
    0 Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
    0 La Boulangerie
    0 Lalo's Tacos
    0 Louie B. Fresh
    0 Mama Tola
    0 Milt's BBQ
    0 Mina's
    0 ModelChef Food Truck
    0 Ms Tittles Cupcakes
    0 OMango
    0 Paris Ouh La La
    0 Royal Cupcakes
    0 Southern Pitch Food Truck
    0 The 206 Food Truck
    0 The Crave Bar
    0 The Haute and The Dog
    0 The Pasta Bowl
    0 Two Soldiers and a Marine BBQ Truck