RepChi Grand Opening

We had planned a night of drinks at The Whistler and Revolution Brewing in the city and, for a warm-up, BIL Bryan tipped me off to a food truck event (thanks Bro!) near their place. This was a grand opening event for Replica Chicago (RepChi for short), which does custom screen printing, offset printing other cool stuff with eco-friendly inks. Check them out:

The trucks were scheduled throughout the day, and those that I spied with my own little eye were SamichBox, Tamale Foodie, Don Rafa, Brown Bag Lunch Truck, La Adelita and Cupcakes for Courage. Again, not fully taking in the gravity of what was before me, I only hit up two trucks: BBLT and La Adelita.

Trucks were all lined up in the parking lot
Teddy and Laura chatting it up
BBLT was our first stop
Brisket was recommended, so brisket I ate
Two truckers suggested La Adelita next. I complied.
La Adelita's Choriqueso and (not shown) strawberry agua fresca
Saturday, May 12, 2012
The Truck: 
Brown Bag Lunch Truck
La Adelita