Food Truck Social

The Food Truck Social was a karma win on a grand scale. Originally I wanted to go, but talked myself out of it. Sunday worked better, but Saturday offered more trucks for my mission of getting the first 50 food trucks. But did I want to take the kids all the way to the city and back just to hit some trucks? Um, hell yes!

So I had the kids come over a bit early on Saturday and off we went. Good thing too because the weather was perfect and the following day it rained like crazy. I would have bailed for sure.

Let me step back a bit. Food Truck Social 2012 was the second year and much larger in scope than the first. Time Out Chicago puts it out and this time around it spanned two days, 14-plus trucks each day, live music, guest chefs, all kinds of awesome. Go check it out and keep an eye out for next year's:

I had a great time chatting up some of the trucks. The kids finally got to get a tase of my obsession and they were super stoked. In all, we visited seven different trucks, but I can only tally five here because those were the trucks I ate from. And, by the way, that was a new Multishot record for me.

My son and I kicked it off with smoked BBQ chicken from ChiTown Bomber. Bonus points because this was their first day on the streets. Next up: burgers from Hummingbird, which is an ultra rare truck because it normally hangs in Evanston. My vegetarian daughter needed some grub, so she hit up Two Italians for their arancini and she stopped at Beyond Borders for a drink. We were ready for dessert so we all stopped at GiGi's for cupcakes and then Sweet Ride for that crazy banana pudding. And since I had just been at Ice Cubed the day before, I was going to just stop in and say hello. But once I was there, I just had to throw in for a popsicle.

Keep an eye out for future events. It was a bucketful of win.

Holy hell!
Truck 1: ChiTown Bomber, first day out
Smoked BBQ chicken and macadamia slaw
Truck 2: Hummingbird Kitchen
Bacon cheddar burger
Truck 3: GiGi's Bakeshop
Coconut cupcake
Truck 4: The Sweet Ride
"To die for" banana pudding
Boozy peaches and white whiskey pop from Ice Cubed
Saturday, August 25, 2012
The Truck: 
ChiTown Bomber
Hummingbird Kitchen
GiGi's Bake Shop
The Sweet Ride
Ice Cubed