The Fairfax

I was thrilled when I checked my feed and saw that Eastman Egg was going to be posted up at Monroe and Wacker, just a short walk from my train station. Granted, this meant I'd be eating second breakfast, but it would be worth it. And first breakfast was only a cup of oatmeal anyhow.

I asked if this would be regular stop, and the answer was yes. Fantastic! Now with proper planning, I can have a weekly sandwich from these guys.

On my first visit, I nabbed The Eastman, so today it was next on the list: The Fairfax, with added bacon. This baby has an egg, farmers cheese, bell pepper, spinach and green goddess dressing on a harvest English muffin. Holy crap, that's some good stuff. With my sandwich, I ordered a Dark Matter coffee. Much happier to support local when I can, and that is some damn good coffee.

Fairfax with bacon!
Thursday, August 1, 2013
The Truck: 
Eastman Egg Company
50 Shades of Bacon
Rise and Shine