The Scoundrel

Happily, Eastman Egg is making Monroe and Wacker a regular occurrence. Even better, they've taken to making sure I know about it. I just love when that happens. Especially since that means I can eat a tiny breakfast when I get up and have a proper breakfast when I roll into the office.

This time up: the last sandwich on the menu for me to try (Full Monty...woo!), The Scoundrel. Smoked turkey, white cheddar, wilted spinach, house spiced honey and an egg all served up on a pretzel roll. That and a Dark Matter coffee and I was set.

What can I say? Another home run. Just the right amount of smoke on the turkey and the rest of the ingredients hit on all the other notes. Next thing I need to see is whether I can get them to serve a sunny side up egg on my sandwich. Only question is: how will I safely transport it for several blocks to the office? #firstworldproblems

The Scoundrel
Thursday, August 22, 2013
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Eastman Egg Company
Full Monty
Rise and Shine