Tap This! August 8, 2013

This time, Revolution Brewing was the feature so the night was also dubbed "Fist This!" Trucks on hand were Husky Hog BBQ, Windy City Patty Wagon and Bridgeport Pasty. Since there was going to be a lot of food and beer on the agenda, the strategy was to split the food with Writer Danielle.

Husky Hog really impressed me when I first tasted the food, and there were hush puppies on the menu so there was no way in hell I was gonna pass that up. So we went with the 2 meat / 3 side / 1 drink combo. Meats: burnt ends and pulled pork. Sides: slaw, beans and HUSH PUPPIES!! Drink: pass (there's beer in the bar). So maybe that's why there was a free side of mac and cheese on my platter.

This was my first time trying the pulled pork. I tend to shy away from pulled pork because it can be a bit of a letdown. Not this. The smoke came through just enough, which is usually what I'm missing in other pulled pork. And I can't go on enough about those burnt ends, because they're really just smoked chunks of meat. Not the lumps of char that sometimes get served. Oh, did I mention HUSH PUPPIES!!

And Bridgeport Pasty? When do I ever get a chance to eat some of those delicious hand pies? Not enough. Nope. Not nearly enough. This time we didn't split though. No way I was going to share my Steak & Stilton. And Danielle was so full by the time we hit the Chic-Pot-Pie that it was all mine. What can I say? That crust is superb. The fillings are bursting with flavor. I only wish I could have it more often.

If you're in the Bridgeport area, they recently opened up shop at 3142 South Morgan. You're welcome.

The Players: 
Mixmaster Brian
Bryan with a Y
Writer Danielle
You can't see 'em, but HUSH PUPPIES!!
Husky Hog BBQ
Steak & Stilton Pasty
Chic-Pot-Pie Pasty
Bridgeport Pasty
Thursday, August 8, 2013
The Truck: 
Husky Hog BBQ
Bridgeport Pasty