Fischman Liquors & Tavern is a great supporter of food trucks. Every other week they have trucks out for their "Tap This" nights where they tap some great beers and let the trucks serve up the food. They're in Jefferson Park (quite the food truck hot spot, eh?) so if you get a chance, check them out: They have an awesome beer selection in the bar and the adjacent liquor store has some really hard to find selections.

Refusing to let Oktoberfest go without a fight, they host KWAKtoberfest each year with live music, an amazing selection of Oktoberfest beers and, of course, Kwak beer served up in the signature glass.

Who better to serve up the food than Schnitzel King? Writer Danielle joined me for some tasty schnitzel fresh from the fryer. Me, the pork (natch) and Danielle, the chicken. Southern Mac made an unexpected stop so we enjoyed some chorizo and pepper jack mac while we waited for GiGi's to roll in. Apparently, GiGi's Bakeshop was challenged last year to make something using Kwak beer. Enter the Kwak Tart: basically a Kwak-laden, crumble-topped apple cheesecake topped with Kwak caramel. Hot damn, that was crazy good.

The best part? Free beer. Writer Danielle threw down a challenge to bring her truck count to five that day (she had scored her first truck with a cupcake from Gia Via the week prior). If I did that, she was buying the beer all night. We hit three trucks at KWAKtoberfest and then late night tacos from Taquero Fusion. Huzzah!

Schnitzel King serving up da goods
Southern Mac's chorizo and pepper jack mac
GiGi's Mind Bending Kwak Tart
Saturday, October 13, 2012
The Truck: 
Schnitzel King
The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck
GiGi's Bake Shop