Jefferson Park Arts Fest

My next food truck event was also in Jefferson Park and it was on the way to my folks' block party. Apparently Jefferson Park does an arts fest each year (who knew?) and this time around, they had food trucks on deck. If you're in the area, check it out and maybe drop in next time:

When I saw the Saturday lineup included Wagyu Wagon, there was no way I was going to miss it. Trusting Brother Brian and BIL Bryan were already kinda hooked on the whole food truck thing, I hit them up with a suggestion for a lunch stop before the block party. Success!

Each of the four trucks lined up for the day were new to me and there was no chance I was going to miss them. In order: Wagyu Wagon, SamichBox, Taquero Fusion and Ice Cubed. That's a whole lotta food. That's a whole lotta win.

I was so excited I just about wet myself
The Dirty Sanchez. Despite the name, it's delicious!
What up SamichBox!
The Spicy Duck. Had to split with my Bro.
Grooving to the Taquero tunes
Ground beef and plantain taco. Yum!
You scream, I scream "Food Trucks!"
Black Velvet. Good thing ice cream melts in my belly.
Had to give my BIL's crunch berry cubes a try.
Saturday, July 28, 2012
The Truck: 
The Wagyu Wagon
Taquero Fusion
Ice Cubed