Blue Basil

Ok, folks. Drupalcon is over. Last night in town. Only one truck needed to close Austin in my 5 in 10 city challenge; 4 needed to close Texas for the 10 in 5 state challenge.

Two nights ago we (literally) stumbled into a food truck park with several four-wheels-and-an-engine trucks at the end of Rainey Street. At the time, I was just too full to eat any more, so this is our late-evening destination.

Let’s! Do! This!

For starters, I kicked off the night with @ZenDoodles and @jeremythorson by devouring a monstrous steak dinner at Roaring Fork. Huzzah!

Time for Rainey Street. Do we Lyft? Nah, we need to walk off dinner. How do we get there from here? No problem: head towards the convention center because that’s my frame of reference. Sure, we may not be taking the most direct route, but whatever.

So happy we did that.

Lo and behold, just past the convention center on 4th street, we spied Evil Weiner. On the street. In the wild. For realz.

Granted, I had Evil Weiner already, but this is a good sign. There may be trucking along the way to Rainey.

And then it happened: as we got closer, we noticed a second truck. A green truck. A truck by the name of Blue Basil.

Holy shit snacks!!!

I made a beeline to the truck only to find out it’s a catering gig for the Hilton. Dang!
No worries, after a bit of pleading and cajoling, I was able to pay cash for one incredibly delicious chicken bahn mi.

File this under bizarre: while I was waiting at the window of the truck, there was this big whoosh of air just past my right ear. Seems a bird was also anxious to land this truck, quite literally. Though stunned after impact, the bird shook it off and seemed like it would be ok. Shwoo.

While this rando truck action allowed me to close out my first city outside of Chicago for the 5 in 10 mission, sadly that was the only truck action of the evening. Seems Monday night on Rainey Street is a no go.

Ah, well. More reason for me to go back to Texas.

The Food: 
This chicken bahn mi closed out Austin!
Monday, June 9, 2014

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