Bop Bar Truck

Lucky for me, I recently learned a friend is spending a portion of his work weeks not far from my office. We’ll call him Joe, because that’s his name.

It just so happens that Joe suggested we meet up for lunch, so I did what any normal food truck enthusiast would do: I turned to and checked out what was happening at 450 N. Cityfront Plaza (a.k.a. NBC Tower).

And, lookie here: BopBar Truck is serving up Korean noms today and it’s not even on my hit list yet. Probably because I fail at updating my hit list these days, but whatever.

People, can I get a huzzah?

It was a tough call. I love me some bi-bim-bop, but the menu item was sans meat, so that would have to wait. Oooh, spicy pork or beef bulgogi? And what’s this? As a sandwich with cheese? Hell yes!

Joe ordered the spicy pork, so that meant I’d be getting the beef, so we could compare notes. Oh shit...deep fried kimchi dumplings? You know it! Kimchi is a rare find and I have a mission just for that.

The beef bulgogi was pure insanity. Almost like a korean spin a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Joe had nothing but praise for the pork, so I look forward to my next visit to try it myself. I would have liked a little more punch in the kimchi dumplings, but they were still fantastic.


The Food: 
Beef Bulgogi sandwich with cheese!
Deep fried kimchi dumplings!