Chi’Lantro Houston

I failed at food trucks today. But it’s not my fault.

At the first Free Press Summer Festival stage we hung out at, the performer made a comment thanking us for attending and remarked that it was hot as balls out there. She was not wrong. And when it’s that hot, it is hard for me to eat like a boss.

But when dinner calls, I answer. It was hard to choose from the long line of trucks, but really, it wasn’t at all. Chi’Lantro was first in the line and it was a truck I was hoping to score in Austin.

Also, kimchi fries. Done.

The line was forever and Zendoodles had a hungry so she went to Bernie’s Burger Bus. I held strong waiting for the lovely beef kimchi fries that was a meal unto itself.

I did sample the burger and brisket fries from Bernie’s and, while tasty, they cannot be counted. Because, rules.

At this point, I got the food truck buzz and thought I should hit three more trucks to close out another city for my 5 in 10 mission, but it was just too damn hot.

The Food: 
Holy beef kimchi fries, Batman!
Sunday, June 1, 2014

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