Grindhouse Cafe

I was super excited to here there would be a "breakfast truck" at this year's Dark Lord Day at 3 Floyds Brewing in Munster, Indiana. It's already a de facto standard that I'd be hitting up Dönermen for lunch, so the prospect of scoring a new mystery truck in addition was sweet.

That said, we were out partying until 4am the previous night (as one does before DLD), so convincing everyone to wait for breakfast from a truck, while drinking in the #beershare line, was not happening. So we ate at IHOP.


Did that stop me when I saw the Grindhouse truck after we finally got past the entry line? Two words: Hell! No!

The chorizo biscuits and gravy had my name written all over it, and I was so glad that I ordered it. That promptly erased the IHOP experience from my brain and laid a better foundation for the insane amount of beer drinking ahead of me.

Not exactly sure how you'll find this truck on your own. The twitter account is basically for the cafe in Griffith, but if you see it, grab it. It's that good!

The Food: 
Chorizo biscuits and gravy? Yes please!
Saturday, May 13, 2017

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