Many stops into the night's bar crawl (see Roppolo's) we happened upon this beauty serving up some delicious fried foods. Just what we needed at this point in our debauchery.

While waiting for my jalapeño poppers and fried mac and cheese balls, I had a fun time watching this one extremely drunk person doing their best effort to hold up the truck while we waited. Oh, people.

Day 2 tally: 2 food trucks, 8 bars (that I can remember), and 1 diner.

Another solid evening.

Austin Crawl, Day 2
Torchy's (pre-crawl margarita and queso)
Stubb's BBQ (pre-crawl Kentucky mule and BBQ)
Pelons (spicy cocktail)
Valhalla (Jameson shot and a PBR tallboy)
Roppolo's (food truck)
Casino el Camino (Jameson Red Bull shot)
Jackalope (Jack and Coke, plus a free promotional Dark and Stormy)
Russian House (orange and elderflower infused vodka shot)
Darwin's (Jameson shot)
Driskill (Old Fashioned)
Munchiez (food truck)
Tiniest Bar in Texas (Jameson shot)
24 Diner (chocolate cherry shake and biscuits and gravy)

The Food: 
Jalapeño poppers and fried mac and cheese balls
Friday, June 2, 2017