Olmeca Altos

Spoiler Alert: I’m a huge Die Antwoord fan. They crack me up and I dig their funky beat. Naturally, while I’m in Austin, they’re having a concert in Chicago. Dammit!!

But as a birthday gift, Zendoodles scored tickets to see them as part of the Free Press Summer Festival going on in Houston. And wouldn’t you know it? Austin is not all that far from Houston.

Road trip!

I had hoped that there would be food trucks. What I didn’t realize was that there would be a ridiculous number of food trucks.

What I hadn’t counted on is that it would be hotter in Houston than it was in Austin and this was only day (some low number) of our trip.

So, only a few minutes in and profusely dripping sweat, we happened upon a tequila truck. Trumpets blared, angels sang and a unicorn sharted a rainbow. We made a beeline to the truck to discover they are serving up frozen margaritas.

Hell! Freakin!! Yes!!!

A perfect way to start this day and my first actual booze truck. Also, city #2 in Texas.

And yes, we did go back later in the day for more.

The Food: 
Frozen marg when it's 100 degrees out? Hell yes!
Sunday, June 1, 2014