SAJJ Street Eats

Day two of #BADCamp and this time there are three trucks outside serving up lunch: Curry Up Now, The Chairman and SAJJ Street Eats. Since I already had food from Curry Up Now yesterday, today's choice was between baowiches from The Chairman or shawafel from SAJJ.


Apparently, when you combine shawarma and falafel (two things I love), you get shawafel. Folks, I call that shawinning!

The truck offers burrito or bowl and chicken or beef, so I went beef bowl. And that bowl is loaded with the prerequisite shawarma and falafel, plus turmeric rice, arugula, salad and pickeld cabbage and cucumbers.

Now, I was already full from breakfast, which only happened just a tad more than an hour prior to food trucks, but that shawafel was so damn good, it was gone in a heart beat.

Two down, three to go.


The Food: 
Shawarma + falafel = shawafel
Friday, November 7, 2014

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