Stony's Pizza

Dinner, check.

Bacon wrapped dog from Evil Weiner, check.

Belly and tongue buns from East Side Kings, check.

Time to head over to Rainey Street and see what’s what. Truck city, that’s what. First one I see: a pizza truck. Not-Chicago pizza from a truck? This should be interesting.

This is ridiculously large pizza for a ridiculously low price. I’m talking NY-style in size and for only $4. Bottled water for $1? Done and done.

Pepperoni and sausage for me please. The truckside chatter was quite epic. Clearly people are a bit lubed up and ready to party. Dude in front of me is working on toppings for his pepperoni slice and sees mine. He’s like “what is that?” To which I reply “pepperoni and sausage.” At which point he responds with an honestly dejected “man, you beat me.”


And then The Pepper Incident happened.

So the aforementioned dispirited fella doing the all-too-common failed-crushed-red-shaker move. So I tell him that’s never gonna happen, so just unscrew the lid for a proper shake. He does that and proceeds to take a pinch with his fingers. His fingers! In a common vessel!! I’m like “Woah! you can’t do that!!” So now he’s really feeling inadequate.

That’s when I showed him how it was done and made it rain. He says to me “that is gonna kill you.” To which I reply, “hey man, I like it hot.”

Guess you had to be there, or fairly along your way to blotto, or maybe both. Whatever, that exchange happened and I rather liked it.

Verdict: damn fine pizza from a not-Chicago pizza truck.

Scoring: Texas trucks, 6; Austin trucks 4.

So at this point, with approximately 24 hours left to go in Austin, I’m strongly considering the difficult challenge of landing 4 trucks to close out both Austin and my second 10 in 5 state.

We did mosey onward to a food trailer park on Rainey and plenty of four-wheels-and-an-engine trucks were mixed in with the trailers. And I strongly considered landing the one more truck I needed, but after four meals I was fit to split.

Will he succeed? Tune in next time. Same bat-time. Same bat-channel. Because, well, bats. This is Austin, after all.

The Food: 
Tasty pizza, not from Chicago!
Saturday, June 7, 2014