Taqueria 2 Hermanas

Nerd Road Trip!

So the last time I road tripped for food trucks, it was to Iowa City for a concert. This time, I find myself headed back to Iowa, for DrupalCorn Camp in Ankeny. If you’ve been following along, I recently scored some Austin food trucks at Drupalcon. As it happens, camps are smaller local versions of cons, which is likely more than you care to know about Drupal events.

But, I digress.

In doing my research, I found a list of 18 Des Moines trucks, only one of which doesn’t serve tacos. So we settled on a taco truck (shocker!) for our first conquest.

Incidentally, I later learned there is a Des Moines cupcake truck that was a contender to serve tasty morsels during the event. Sadly, that truck found a better gig, but that’s not the point. The one place that I found a list of trucks never said word one about cupcake trucks.

Which brings me back to a prior rant about finding food trucks outside of Chicago. Kudos again go to Andrew, aka @chifoodtruckz of chicagofoodtruckfinder.com.

In other news, it seems most Des Moines trucks are more or less permanently located, whereas the one non-taco truck is a trailer and they are in a different location every day. What?!

Nutty, I know.

Anyhoo, we pulled up to a truck-that-won’t-be-named and promptly did a u-ey (true story: I had to look up how to spell that). Our next destination: a more concentrated group of trucks.

At that very moment, I noticed an orange truck to the left, so we promptly hung a Louie and pulled in to score some of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten some damn fine tacos.

There were plenty options on the menu, from tacos to tortas to burritos to quesadillas. I opted for a trio of tacos: lengua, cabeza and al pastor. All that and a Mexican Coke.
I’m seriously looking forward to more Iowan tacos.

That makes two Iowa trucks so far. And another city for the Metro mission.

The Food: 
These Des Moines tacos are Des Bomb!
Thursday, July 17, 2014