Bob Cha

There's no shortage of new trucks hitting the streets of Chicago this summer, yet I've still been on sort of a dry spell for encountering them.

Something about a food truck desert surrounding the Merchandise Mart. What's up with that? There's a newly created official truck stop (still not sure if the questionably-useful signs are up) at Franklin and Randolph, which is close by, so I'm hoping that will propel me to 100 and beyond.

At any rate, last weekend was Jeff Fest in Jefferson Park. And, if you've been playing along, you'll know that I scored new trucks there in the past. Well, this weekend was no different.

Bob Cha has been out less than a month and sports Korean fusion. Well, wouldn't you know I just love Korean fusion.

So, after taking in some art, some music and some beer, it was time to take in some food.

The menu is rather extensive with everything from tacos and burritos to entrees and rice bowls. But I'm a sucker for a taco, so that was my focus.

Now I've had bulgogi before, but never heard of kalbi, so I asked the man which I should choose. When answered promptly and properly with "why not both?" I did just that.

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at the site of pre-formed rigid corn taco shells, but I've seed stranger things come from a food truck, so I dove right in.

That old adage holds true, never judge a book by its cover.

Also, I'm a new fan of kalbi.

The Food: 
Bulgolgi and Kalbi tacos!