Da Lobsta

When Da Lobsta opened in French Market, I simply had to get there. Only thing is, I never did. Then I got to thinking: "Man, they really need a food truck."

So the other day, a fellow food truck fan (we'll call him Nick, since that's his name) emailed me a link to the Eater Chicago article announcing the truck's launch today.

My first reaction: I've been scooped!
My next reaction: HUZZAH!!

My slump in scoring new Chicago trucks has been getting to me, and this was a chance to get two Day One trucks in the same month. Yeah, I'll take it.

So, of course, the announced stop is Clark & Monroe. That's another 2-mile round trip for lunch. Eva was the only coworker brave enough to make the trek, so we headed out.

Admittedly, it's been a few months since I've hit this stop. But holy hell, I did not expect to see a page right out of @uchiNOMgo's book. There were 11-12 food trucks lined up, taking the entire city block. Last time I was here, it topped at four trucks.

It was a sight to behold.

While waiting in the mega line for Da Lobsta, a woman is catching all this on camera. She passes us by and asks the person behind me for a video interview. I chuckle, because that's usually the way it happens. Either before me or after me, but generally not me.

Seems the fella was a bit camera shy, so Cindy turned our way and was surprised to find out that she and I had been tweeting back and forth the past couple of days. You can catch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=859832997360432 (also proof that I'm not 500 pounds, which everyone seems to think I am).

I had to hustle back for a meeting, so we toted our surf and turf rolls — that's bacon on top of a lobster roll, if you can dig it — back to the office.

Sweet jeebus, that was one tasty meal. The toasting on the bun is perfection. Nice and buttery. The lobster wasn't overly dressed and had a nice tang. Oh, and don't pass up the side slaw. A good vinegar slaw is hard to come by for some reason.

Looking forward to my Bizarro mission!

The Food: 
Lobster roll with bacon. Yes please!