Don Rafa

Ding, ding! Milestone time. Who's up? It was going to be another two-fer. Babycakes and Don Rafa were both down for lunch at the Merch. Kick. Ass!

Some of my coworkers have semi-committed to hitting milestone stops, so we had a decent group: me, Eva, Iva, Tom and Eric. Of course, several more had said they'd be in, but you know how that goes. I keep joking that we have enough wafflers to open up our own breakfast food truck.

Speed Bump (yeah, I stole that from Tyler): Babycakes is down for the count, fully loaded up. Sad news. I couldn't get over that Lea (of Babycakes) was apologizing to me. Me! I'm just some schmo who eats from food trucks, yet her food truck was laid up with no way to sell. Cray cray!

Now Don Rafa is one of those trucks I had been kicking myself about. It was on the scene at the RepChi grand opening event waaaay back before this was even a mission. So I guess I can't blame myself because I wasn't yet the fanatic I am today. But still, it took me this long to woo them to my neck of the woods.

And again, between both trucks, I was really feeling the #foodtrucklove as they both were jazzed about making it into the #foodtruck50. #awesomesauce

First, we were greeted with free samples, a new menu item they were sharing: mango sorbet with spicy strawberry sauce. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was called. But damn, was it good! Next up, show me the carnitas! Eva and I were up first and both got the Fritanga de Carnitas: spicy pork carnitas with cactus salad, rice and beans. Tom was next in line and requested the same. Hold the phone! What's this? They just sold the last two. Awww. Karma's a bitch Tommy boy.

This was far and away the largest food truck meal I've had. Great food, great value. More, please!

The Food: 
The Fritanga de Carnitas feast