Curried Away

Here's another truck I had been stalking for quite some time. Not only on twitter but on instragram too. Especially unfair were the numerous instagram photos taunting me with delicious looking Indian food that I couldn't get my hands on.

So imagine my joy when I received a tweet letting me know they'd land at Lake and Clinton. Game on!

By this point, I had started using the #foodtruck50 hash with each tweet asking/begging/harassing trucks to find out when they'd land near Merch. And this was the first time a truck contacted me to be a part of it. Look, ma! I'm (almost) famous (not really). Pretty dang cool.

I put out my regular email blast to the office crew but had no takers, so it was my first solo run in quite a while. I had a nice chat with the chap and went with his recommendation: the spicy chicken biryani.

Two things: it's a ton of food and it was delicious. Of course, I could have used some more spice, but I also put sliced habaƱeros on my pizza. True story.

On a later mission, I was hitting both Babycakes and SugarPie Cafe for lunch so I needed a little savory in my belly. I grabbed me some samosas from the Curried Mobile and, oh man! I could make a meal just of those babies.

The Food: 
Spicy chicken biryani. 7/31/12
Samosas! 8/23/12
Truck #: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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