Doughnut Vault Van

It's my absolute favorite thing when a food truck shouts out to me to say, "Hey, you gluttonous bastard: get over here and eat my foodstuffs!" Granted, that's not quite how it was phrased when Gina tweeted me that the truck would be at Mad/Wack Tuesday morning, but you get the general idea.

Now the Doughnut Vault has been around for a couple years now, before some of the other boutique shops came to Chicago. And on occasion, some office angels will pop for a dozen and bring them to the office to share. But the line is still crazy long, so the idea of them launching a food truck to spread their tasty love all over the city sounded pretty sweet to me.

You'll notice three things immediately upon approaching the Doughnut Vault Van:

First: it's a rolling piece of artwork.
Second: they are seriously jamming the tunes.
Third: the line is nowhere near what you'll see at the shop.

That's what I call a slam dunk (pun intended).

Considering I work at Merchandise Mart—just a hop, skip and a jump from the storefront proper—I figured it'd be a long time before I landed a doughnut from the new truck. But oh joy, oh rapture, that was not the case.

Personally, I prefer the old fashioned doughnuts from the Vault, so this fine fall morning I went with pistachio and coconut cream. And I did have to fend off an offer for free doughnuts. Rules are rules, after all.

Let me tell you, those doughnuts made me one happy fella this morning. So moist and delicious. Pistachio and coconut are some of my favorite sweet flavors, so they really hit the spot.

The truck has a daily special in addition to their staple of buttermilk, pistachio, coconut cream, toasted almond, triple chocolate and lemon poppy seed.

This should be an easy one to pull a Full Monty on and taste the whole menu. Hell, I'm a third of the way there already.


The Food: 
Pistachio and coconut cream! So tasty.
Truck #: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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