Chicago Lunchbox

Two newbie food trucks in two days! That's what I call a roll.

Speaking of rolls, Chicago Lunchbox just entered the scene, filling a gap on the roads ever since Duck 'n Roll made the transformation from food truck to brick and mortar. That gap: Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches.

After seeing that the truck spent its first two lunches in a row at UofC, I figured they'd take the road of some new trucks and spend most of their early life at that food truck mecca.

Not so.

The stars were aligned last night. At literally the exact moment I noted their FB post announcing 600 West Chicago for lunch tomorrow, I got a reply to an earlier hit list tweet with the simple message: "LEZGO."


The menu had four sandwiches to choose from, along with a few tasty sounding apps to go with. I've never had Filipino longanisa sausage before and I'm a fan of both new foods and just about any kind of encased meat product. Oh, and it comes with a fried egg. Funny thing, I'm all about that too.

Done and done, a Banh Mi Long Time for me!

The slightly sweet sausage paired perfectly with the tangy slaw. And, of course, an egg makes everything taste better, though this one was fully cooked instead of sunny side up. Good thing too. I don't think a sunny egg would have survived the walk back to the office.

Can't wait to work my way down the menu. Or up, based on the way it was written on the board today.

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Bahn Mi Long Time: longanisa sausage with fried egg!
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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