Fido To Go

I'll admit this one is a stretch, but I'm counting it anyway.

During my quest for the First 50, I was at a food truck festival with my kids and I came *this* close to actually eating a dog treat from the truck. Sanity prevailed and I abstained.

Fast forward to today, and my sweet honey has adopted a lovely three-legged dog that we have affectionately named Nola, after one our favorite New Orleans bars: none other than the Three-Legged Dog on Burgundy Street.

So when I heard Fido to Go would be at a Dovetail Brewing's dog-friendly block party, we mapped the distance and took Nola for one of her longest walks yet.

Now let's backtrack a bit. It's a sad story, but Nola only recently became a tripod, after getting shot in Alabama a couple months ago. We've only had her about a month, and are still getting to know her. But what we do know is she is not as friendly to other canines as we'd like and she is not terribly food motivated.

So she was a bit distracted when we tried her first treat of peanut butter ice cream and decided to snub it completely. Thankfully, we were able to swap it out for a liver and cheese snack, because she finds both of those very tasty.

Needless to say, it was a bit overwhelming for her, so we had our snack and headed back home for a gorgeous late-afternoon patio lunch. And Nola got to snack on her treat while we had tasty pasta.

The Food: 
Peanut butter and meat ice cream!
Or not
Liver and cheese. There we go!
Truck #: 
Saturday, May 27, 2017

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