Corner Farmacy

While on my hit list for some time now, our paths have not yet crossed back home, so I find it odd that I finally scored this Chicago truck at Dark Lord Day in Munster, Indiana.

Sadly, they were out of the short rib grille cheese sandwich, so I went with the Italian something on bread. What can I say, I was pretty blotto by then. It's also worth pointing out that I ate this while waiting on food from DönerMen, which was parked next door. It's not an option to skip DönerMen at Dark Lord Day, but there was no way in hell I was skipping a chance at a new truck.

The folks on the truck did mention I need to properly score this truck back home, since this was a limited menu for the fest.


The Food: 
The Italian sandwich? I think? I may have been drinking.
Truck #: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017

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